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February 16th, 2009

Ha-Sodot Premiere Picture & Icons

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Hey kiddies. Small picture/art update this morning. The picture is a new one of Alona at the Ha-Sodot premiere in Israel back in June 2007. Thanks to Latom for sending the picture in! :biggrin:

I also have some more icons from Ana! These are in the categories of Alona, Guest Appearances and Cane. Thanks Ana!

View All of Ana’s Icons?

I’m in the process of finalizing the College caps/clips so those will be up soon! :smile:

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  1. kelly

    Didn’t know how to get this to you all but alona was just published on the below site for their “5 Israeli Women We Love, from the Swimsuit Issue & Beyond”:

  2. kelly

    New article of alona

    5 Israeli Women We Love, from the Swimsuit Issue & Beyond:

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